Timothy’s Lessons In Good Values – Volume 2 – ebook

Follow Timothy on his journey as he shares his lessons in Obedience, Responsibility & Kindness. Standing up for what is right and just, he transforms into the Warrior of Good Values to defeat his enemies and protect his friends from all harm. He shows his audience that they too can be a Warrior of Good Values!

Timothy’s Lessons In Good Values is a children’s book series great for ages 4 – 9.


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Editorial Reviews

“…is a fairly interactive book in the sense that at the end of each section, there is a small question and answer session available for parents and teachers to discuss with the child. It encourages the child to think for themselves and learn about these values themselves, which I liked and appreciated. The story is simple and can be read aloud easily to a class. The writing style is succinct. …”
– Readers Favorite Review by Gisella Dixon


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