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Good Morals and Values Can Change Our Entire Perspective!

Having such an appreciation for culture and diversity, our mission is to simply educate, inspire and motivate children to be the best version of themselves!

As a child, we all had dreams of becoming a brave superhero that exemplified what was right. Based on this mantra, the Timothy’s Lessons In good Values brand became a reality through its storybooks and activities that caters for children between the ages of 3-8 years old. We focus on spreading good morals and values through our stories followed by educational and fun-filled activities, that kids can enjoy while learning at the same time.

With current issues throughout the world, kids often need a heroic figure that they can aspire to be. Timothy is that hero! Transforming into the courageous Warrior of Good Values who’s power is the ability to see and do what’s right, he continues to be an example for his peers in highlighting the importance of diversity, friendship, seeing and accepting each other’s differences, finding courage in the midst of bulling and many more values throughout his adventures.

These vital messages are shown throughout our picture books, ‘Friendship Has No Color’, ‘Courage In The Face Of Bullying’ and ‘Timothy’s Lessons In Good Values’. Our wonderful books also showcases various ethnicities for kids to connect with and furthermore understand the meaning of being uniquely different! We believe in creating a safe space for kids to have open conversations about race, diversity, bullying and inclusion so that they would have a clearer understanding of these key topics. Now more than ever, the need to address these issues are becoming such a necessity for the younger generation to become better individuals.

Our educational themed ‘Learn At Home Activities’, caters to kids that may be homeschooled during the Covid 19 crisis. It is based around various values that are divided into word searches, comprehensions and tutorial videos that educate kids and guide them on creating fun and exciting arts and crafts that they can do in the comfort of their home.

Our passion is driven in creating positive content whether it’s storybooks for kids or learn at home activities. Thus, contributing to building a peaceful atmosphere to inspire, motivate and educate future generations.

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