Meet the Characters from Timothy's Lessons In Good Values

Timothy & Warrior Of Good Values

Timothy & The Warrior of Good Values

Hey Kids! I’m Timothy also known as the Warrior of Good Values. I stand up for what is right and just and share my lessons in good values with my fellow friends and classmates. My friends don’t know that I am the Warrior of Good Values, but when they need help or rescuing, I would always be the hero that they need. Apart from being a hero, a student, a good friend, and a son, I also enjoy playing soccer, basketball, tennis and video games. My message for you would be, to never get tired of doing what is right. The more good that you do in this world, the more people you would inspire to create a positive change in the way we think and act towards each other. Remember, you too can be a Warrior of Good Values!


Hey Kids! My name is Emily. I am very easy going and I tend to be a bit clumsy at times. I love to go exploring and camping with my friends. Oh! I also get frightened pretty easily. When I’m not playing outdoors, I tend to just sit and relax with one of my favorite and delicious smoothies and enjoy a nice movie. Follow me on my adventures with my best friend Timothy! Shhhh, I just may know who the Warrior of Good Values is!



Hey kids! My name is Max. I love making new friendships and playing a lot of sports. When I am not playing soccer or tennis, I would take my skateboard and cruise down to the lake to fish. I guess you can say I love being active. I recently moved into a new neighborhood and made great friends at my new school. I can’t wait to start my new adventures with them and build new memories! Let’s go!


I’m Billy. My best friends are Timothy and Emily. One of my favorite things to do is arts and crafts specifically drawing. I can sit and draw all day! I find my inspiration in my surroundings and outdoor scenery. I am usually a quiet person, but my friends Timothy and Emily often have to convince me to be more outgoing. This summer we are all starting summer camp! I can’t wait to have an enjoyable summer with my friends and step out of my shell and participate in new activities! Bye for now…

Mr. Bear - Timothy's Character

The Grumpy Bear

I am the grumpy bear! The meanest animal in the entire forest. I live deep in the forest and I do not like to be disturbed. Once in a while, I would leave my cave in search for honey and water that I can catch fish in. The other animals in the forest do not understand my reasons, for wanting to always be alone. Here is my little secret…I grew up alone. I never knew my parents. So, at a very young age I learned to take care of myself and fight for what I wanted in this massive forest. So, if you are walking in the forest and happen to see me, you’re going to be in BIG trouble!


Hey Kids! My name is Jake. Timothy and I grew up together. I love sports and I am always excited for a big adventure! I especially enjoy playing soccer and would like to be a professional soccer player when I get older. Besides sports, I also enjoy reading different adventure books. It helps me escape into a different reality, where I can make my own rules and be my own unique superhero. Stay tuned for my next big adventure with Timothy and my friend Emily!

Jake - Timothy's Character
Blue Monster - Timothy's Character

The Blue Monster

I’m the blue monster. I am very mischievous and I enjoy getting kids into trouble with their parents and teachers. I also like to scare people by popping out of the bushes when they least expect it! haha. I make my own rules in life and I do not listen to what anyone has to say. Stay tuned to see my battle with the Warrior of Good Values! You won’t want to miss it.

Mrs. Annie

Hey Kids! I’m Mrs. Annie. I enjoy taking evening strolls through my neighbourhood and relaxing on my couch reading a good book or watching a nice movie. I love to watch mystery movies as well as action movies. What kind of movies do you like to watch? When I have free time, I also enjoy sewing and making fun arts and crafts for all the kids in my neighbourhood to play with. My message for you and all the younger generation, would be to have fun, because life is like a big roller coaster; a lot of ups, downs, turns and twists but eventually it would stop…so enjoy the ride kids and always be respectful and kind to others.

Mrs. Annie - Timothy's Character
The Lion - Timothy's Character

The Lion

Hey kids! I’m the mighty strong lion of the forest. I am very playful and love to hang out with the other animals of the forest. The other animals look up to me as the guardian or protector. There is only one animal that keeps to himself here and it’s the grumpy old bear. If you happen to spot me, be sure to say hello and I’ll show you the best place in the entire forest where you would see all the other animals having fun, playing and laughing with each other. Bye for now; until our next adventure!


Hey Kids! I’m Bobby. I grew up with Emily and I’m also in the same class as Emily and Timothy. Some of the kids in my school call me a bully, but I look at it more as a playful gesture when I push them to the ground and take their lunch money (hahahaha). My two older brothers always fight with me so I do not think that anything is wrong with fighting smaller kids that are in my school. I love skateboarding and riding my bicycle every chance that I get. I think my next “kind gesture” for extra lunch money would be Emily’s best friend Timothy. Shhhhhh don’t tell him I said anything!

Bobby - Timothy's Character

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