Chris Gordon

Author Chris Gordon

Following his passion and love for art and design, Christopher Gordon holds awards in the fields of graphic design and published author. Born in the tiny islands of Trinidad & Tobago, now, currently resides in Canada, he was given the opportunity to work for various advertising firms over the years that allowed him to develop his artistic ability and become a creative individual.

Inspired by current situations in today’s society, he created his Children’s book series entitled. ‘Timothy’s Lessons In Good Values’. His ultimate goal of this book series would be to inspire the younger generation (young warriors) about the importance of having good morals and values throughout their lives and to essentially create a ripple effect for future generations thereafter.

One thing he would like to share with others, would be, to stay humble and giving. Always remember that everyone has their own story paved on a different path from yours. So, don’t be too quick to judge or assume. Stay humbled, be grateful and appreciate the life around you.

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